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James Storm Carew






From the age of 3 when his dad pushed him into his first wave, it’s been a constant love of the ocean and urge to get out there at any chance possible. Starting kite boarding at 10 years old, with the help of his dad driving him to various competitions around Australia he started winning more and progressing every season. Soon enough sponsors came knocking and he was on his way to the world tour. In 2018 on his first year on the tour he placed 10th in the world, but this simply wasn't good enough. 2019 came with another full year on tour and finished with a 3rd place overall and the year 2020 finally saw James reach world No. 1 spot at only age 21. He's just getting started.

What James wears...

Get to Know James

Date of Birth 14th July 1999
Hometown Melbourne
Started kitesurfing? Age 10
Favourite Spot? Mauritius
Favourite food? Anything that makes my mouth water
How do you wind down? In a quiet wave barrel

Career Highlights

2020 1st Place GKA
Cape Verde
2019 3rd Place overall GKA
World Title
2019 2nd Place GKA
2019 3rd Place GKA
2018 1st Place Australian Nat Champs
Torquay, Aus


Duotone kiteboarding, Ion action sports, Quobba fins

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